Introducing AutoNet DMS

Next Gen Integrated DMS that adds value to automobile business solutions

  • Key Features of AutoNet DMS:
  • Complete automation and integration of all modules
  • Flexible and scalable
  • Cost effective to optimize your IT investments
  • Powerful and informative reports
  • Third party integration
  • Mobile interface for enquiry and job creations
Automotive Dealership Management DMS System

AUTONET (Automobile Dealer Management System)

The need of computerization of an organization has risen due to the ever increasing competition, accuracy, promptness and efficiency of the operations and services. To achieve this efficiency and customer satisfaction, it is necessary to cut down time Consuming work in organizations.

AutoNet is the Automobile Dealer Management (DMS) System software offers you all facilities and features, which is required in any automotive dealership for their day to day work.

AutoNet Dealer Management Software offers complete and seamless automation. This evenly distributes the work of employees and helps better administration. It also considers the importance of confidentiality, security and authorized in the organization.

Accounting System

Maintain your GST accounting and taxation bifurcation.

Advance User Rights

Set user rights at micro level and provide appropriate rights to individual to track down the efforts.

Email and SMS integration

Auto Email and SMS facility for on transactions and reports to customer and internal purpose

Maximum Security

The software has maximum security where no third party should have access the data.

Multi Company and Branch

Maintain your branches and location from place.

MIS based Report

Get daily sales, spares, service etc and many more report. Also get consolidated (branch, location) report at one place.

  • Manage Purchase/Sales Order, Bills, Challan, Returns, Quotation
  • Manage Vehicle Allotment, Sales Challan for broker, Gate Pass
  • Get Vehicle History Reports, RTO Status, Insurance Entry

Vehicle Report

  • Purchase / Sale - Daily Vehicle Statement Reports. (Same for Return)
  • Model / Color / Supplier wise Vehicle Purchase Report
  • Discrepancy reports
  • Daily Score of vehicle
  • Vehicle booking / Allotment Report
  • Insurance detail / due report
  • Registered / unregistered vehicles reports
  • Finance wise sale / outstanding/ late
  • Payment / performance reports
  • Model / Color / Salesman / Channel / Scheme / Territory / Agent wise sale reports
  • Sub-dealer sale / Stock with sub-dealer reports
  • Salesman Performance / Agent Commission Reports.
  • Unsold Vehicle Report
  • Stock / Purchase / Sale Model color wise Report.
  • Daily Status Report
  • Stock transfer Inward / Outward
  • Service labels & periodic invoices printing

  • Manage Job Card, Part Requisition and Return, Workshop Bill
  • Manage Job Estimate, Vehicle History, Service History, Extended Warranty
  • Service AMC Registration, AMC Renew, AMC Status Open / Close
  • Warranty Claims, Free Service Coupon, Delivery Certificate Claims, Settlement of Free Service Claims

Service - Workshop Report

  • Daily / Pending Job Register
  • Pending Parts Requisitions
  • Daily/ Monthly Workshop statement
  • Monthly Workshop Progress Report
  • Vehicles Not Reported For Service
  • Job wise In time / Out time
  • PDI Feed Back Report
  • Free / paid Service Reminder
  • Post warranty Service Reminder
  • Job Completed But Not Delivered
  • Appointment Register
  • Extended Warranty Register
  • Service AMC Register
  • Redemption Report
  • Labor Wise Job Summary
  • Defects Wise Report
  • List of FOC Parts
  • Warranty Claim Register
  • Pending Warranty Claims
  • List of parts For Which Claim Not Raised

  • Manage Purchase/ Sales Order, Purchase Challan, bills and returns
  • Inventory Management: opening Stock, Stock Movement, Stock Transfer, Stock Adjustment

Spare Part Report

  • Purchase Register
  • Supplier Wise Purchase
  • List of S.T. Forms Issued / Pending
  • Chart Report of Sale Types
  • Chart Report of Service Types
  • Chart Reports of VOR (Vehicle OffRoad)
  • Chart Report of Inventory / Nonmoving
  • Pending Purchase Order
  • Daily Sales Statement
  • Daily Sales Return Statement
  • Daily sales Parts / Workshops
  • Sales Statement (Optional)
  • List Of FOC Parts
  • Customer Wise Sale
  • Territory Wise Sale
  • Deviation report
  • D.M.R. Report

  • Manage Voucher Entry, Cash / Cheque Receipts, Payments and Other Charges Voucher Entry
  • Cheque Submission / Clearing entry, Check Difference In Voucher, Statements Of Accounts
  • Manage Debit / Credit note, Status Of Accounts, Posting of Bill, Closing Stock Entry

Accounts Report

  • Account Balances Statement
  • Outstanding Payments / Receipts - with Ageing / Amount
  • Accounts Ledger
  • Day Books
  • Payment / Receipt Check List
  • Cheque Details Print
  • Cash Register
  • Debtors / Creditors Summary
  • Final Accounts(Balance Sheet, P & L Account)
  • Group Summary
  • GSTR1 - Details of Outward Supplies
  • GSTR2 - Details of Inward Supplies
  • GSTR3 - GST Summary Report
  • Journal
  • Credit Card Settlement Report
  • Cheques Submission / Clearing / Pending
  • Supply Statement
  • Trial Balance

  • Cost Center ledger, Authorized Outlets Count (TehsilWise)
  • RTO/Bank Data Collection, Territory Wise Budget
  • Sale Promotional And Demand Enlistment (Enquiries & Followup)
  • Customer / User Defined Questionnaire
  • Sale On Loan Disbursement, Salesman Report Entry

Marketing Report

  • Territory Wise Budget
  • Sales Promotion Activities Data
  • Top TIV villages ranked by combined TIV
  • Tehsil Wise SPADE Analysis
  • SPADE Analysis Summary
  • Review of salesmen’s field Visits
  • Top TIV villages (Territory Wise)
  • Top Populated Territories of Vehicle
  • Segment wise Report
  • Tehsil wise TIV & SOM
  • Territory – Year wise SOM
  • List of Last X Customers
  • Bank wise SOLD cases
  • Salesman Incentive Report
  • Sold Progress Report
  • Expense statement of salesman
  • Salesman wise enquiries matured and no
  • of visit
  • List of activities scheduled for the day
  • List of lost customers
  • Reason wise sale lost
  • Salesman’s Daily report
  • SPADE conversion Ratio
  • List of SPADE enquiries
  • List of Last Customers Having Older
  • Authorized Service Points Count List of sarpanches
  • Customer Questionnaire Analysis Other Report)


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