Introducing AutoNet Addons

Next Gen Integrated DMS that adds value to automobile business solutions

  • Key Features of AutoNet Addons:
  • Plug and play individual utilities
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Required minimal human interference
  • One-day setup with no training required
  • MIS reportings
  • No hardware upgradation required
Desktop App

Autonet Addons

Tally Transfer

Tally Transfer Bridge is developed specially for the company Accountant and Chartered Accountant. Tally transfer brings all your DMS data to tally software for better understanding to account. The benefit of tally transfer is to save time of data entry from DMS to tally. A person does not need to depend on and learn DMS for accounting purpose.

  • Accounting data from AutoNet will be transferred to Tally as per Voucher Format
  • Replication of entry eliminated
  • No manual errors due to human intervention
  • Easy data transfer
  • HSN/SAC code wise summary transfer
  • Inventory transfer
  • Transfers available as per the date

Status Board

Status Board is designed and developed to show summery on Led/LCD TV or Monitor in the customers waiting lounge. Status board shows records of job card which status is in completed state and vehicle is ready for delivery to customer. Status board display records in three different views.

  • Form View
  • Scrolling View
  • Static View

E-Vahan Transfer

  • e-Vahan make your work automated and reliable by utilizing minimum amount of your resources, e-Vahan bridge is extensive from increasing customer satisfaction by eliminating time consumption of transferring sold vehicles data to RTO portal.
  • Minimum utilization of man power
  • RTO penalty issues can be handled at dealer entity side.
  • e-Vahan bridge reduce daily manual task to 80% by punching/ transferring the
  • Vehicle automatically.
  • Two time verification of vehicle details before punch
  • MIS reporting
  • Auto SMS facility to customer
  • Maintain track records of vehicle
  • Address the customer conflicts

Enquiry Mobile App

  • Enquiry Management Application to punch the vehicle enquiry In AutoNet
  • E-Catalouge for displaying Vehicle details and specifications to Customer
  • Very useful for Competitor Analysis
  • Synchronization of offline enquiries on availability of internet connectivity

Job card mobile app

This app is developed to provide the information of workshop related activities. It provides accurate information of vehicle service due for a day.


  • Customer Information
  • Vehicle History
  • Book Appointment


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