eMsys Solutions Pvt Ltd., Is specialized in innovativte IT solutions and Software applications development. eMsys focuses on delivering customized solutions to its clients by converting business ideas in to well defined solutions.

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eMsys has a long standing relationship with Automobile industry. With the help of such rich experience in the industry, our Dealership Management System Software provides insights in your business and helps you expand your professional horizons.

Scheme Management

First In India Scheme Management Module(Scheme + Sales).

Scheme Management is a special module that has been integrated especially in AutoNet.The Scheme Management is an intelligent arm of AutoNet, it gives the precise list of Vehicles that fall under the Scheme by using all the parameters, criteria and the formulas.

Dealership Management

Leaders in Dealership Management Information System Software.

Our AutoNet software is a comprehensive solution that simplifies day-to-day operations and increases performance efficiency. It is a centralized application that captures customer, vehicle and inventory information to facilitate better inventory management and provide visibility on dealer.

More than 250+ clients
all over India

More than 250+ clients
all over India

We have worked with clients across a varied spectrum including key industries of Insurance,Finance,Hospitality,Travel Agencies, Retail, Distribution as well as government and public sector organizations.


New! eMsys Solutions Desktop Application

AutoNet is the only software that manages everything related to Automobile domain with greater ease and competence.

  • 3 Key Features of AutoNet :
  • - Centralised management of all locations and branches.
  • - Maximum profit with lower inputs and Simplified Dealership Operations.
  • - MIS based reporting for decision making and developing various planning strategies.
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Emsys Solutions Introduces Dealer Scheme Management

AutoNet will manage all the schemes permutations and combinations with the help of very effective and user friendly interface

AutoNet Software will directly show maximum discount by utilising the available schemes against vehicles to the Sales representative

Management will get detailed vehicle wise report for dealer margins and gain/loss

Opportunities to Dealers

Management will know the exact claim amount to be reimbursed from the company

To streamline the sales process and help to maximize the conversion ratio"s

On the fly calculation of discounts on BBND vehicles

1 Jan 2017

Enquiry Mobile Application

A complete customer interactive tool for sales executive. Creating a customer with enquiry punching can be done with android application. Model specification and comparison are effective design to demonstrate vehicle to customer. Daily follow-up done/to be done can be punched through application. Enquiry application is integrated with AutoNet for data synch and upload.

22 April 2017

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