AUTONET VER 1.0 (Automobile Dealer Management Systems)

We work as a team under single roof and develop industry specific up-to-date software solution for complete computerization of your work. Our software is tested and implemented at various places, it suits individual customer’s specifications and fulfils his expectations.

“AUTONET VER 1.0” is specifically developed for Automobile Dealers. Our software has been developed keeping in view the Automobile Dealer’s needs and specifications. Complete automation of your dealership will give you specific and detailed reports. This software can work in integration with Sales, Spares, Service and Account with phase wise implementation of specific Module.

With proper control and smooth functioning the organization becomes more rewarding in every aspect of business which is the objective and achievement of systems. As e-Admin is based on event based management system makes best possible use of seven precious M’s of any organization Man, Machine, Material, Money, Market, Minute, Method to achieve total control over the Costing, Audit. Vigilance and HR.

Salient Features of the System:

Benefits to the organization:

Due to the integrated and uniformed systems functioning the organization gets all the benefits with

Benefit to the customer:

After complete implementation of AutoNet, Automobiles Dealer Management Systems a retail customer also receive many benefits. The customer gets mainly the following benefits.

  • Better quality Services
  • Quicker & accurate information
  • Clear and transparent operations
  • More co-operative and helpful attitude of the staff.

Key Features of Autonet at a Glance:

  • Built in one stop solution for all dealership day routines
  • Inter connectivity of modules.
  • Tally data transfer facility. Each or desire Autonet voucher import to tally.
  • DMS Connectivity/ linking. RTO linking Over DMS
  • RTO Data Transfer according to RTO Software.
  • Insurance Policy Data export to Insurance company software.
  • SMS integration facility with reports. Module wise report data directly export for SMS
  • Multiple locations / branches access facility. Centralize data for all branches.
  • One time global configurations for each module as per standards of product and transactions.
  • Easy understandable way to access module wise transactions and reports
  • Online masters’ creation facility on transactions.
  • Product wise prises import structure with rate effective date, OLD rates, NEW rates.
  • User level rate updates via excel import.
  • Interactive Customized Daily / Monthly MIS reports.
  • Reports in formats: DOS, WINDOWS, EXCEL, PDF.
  • User wise Authentication and locks according to financial year, branch/entity, inventory locations. User wise transactions and report rights. Easy to configure user rights.
  • Setting as per Pre-Printed stationary.
  • Online Inventory management as per inventory locations, branches.
  • Online account balances of a ledger while doing transactions.
  • Enquiry Management and follow-ups, conversion ratio, incentives etc.
  • Customer order status information.
  • Vehicle bookings and allocation process model color wise according to customer balances on FIFO based.
  • Vehicle actual status on vehicle history, depending of gate pass viz. PDI, Display Showroom, Sub dealer, Delivery Customer, etc.
  • RTO Status follow-ups.
  • Online Form 20, Form 21, CR-Temp, Form 19, Delivery Certificate.
  • Vehicle wise dealer review / forecast of deliveries.
  • Finance wise performance / sales / late payments with interest.
  • Sub dealer / broker wise sales / customer balances / inventory.
  • Insurance due Follow-ups
  • Salesman wise performance / enquiry conversion ration analysis.
  • Service Manual Sticker Printing, Back cover printing, Periodic Invoices printing
  • Spares order management system. Live Back order and existing stock calculation while generating order. Order cutoff days checks, discounts/ offers, pending orders tracking.
  • Multiple back order dispatch inward process and tracking.
  • MS / OMS Stock, Taxable and Tax paid bifurcation.
  • Spares inventory on ABC/HML/FSN sales / stock analysis
  • Non moving spares / dead stock analysis.
  • Ageing wise stock statements.
  • Auto import of spares and vehicles dispatches through DMS company software.
  • Dispatches against discrepancy claim reports to supplier or transporter. Follow-ups and remarks.
  • Business sales / purchase target plans and achievement analysis.
  • Inventory movement and transfer branch wise/ Inventory location wise.
  • Standard reports as per principles like Honda, Suzuki, Tractors, TVS, Bajaj generates from Autonet (DMR, Fitment ratio, MWR, WRC, DSR, WRR, Waranty Claims, Claim Settlements, Free service coupon claim, Rejections & Approval)
  • Vehicle Inventory Unsold, Vehicles ON HOLD, allotted, UN allotted, PDI, Display, Branch wise, Location wise, valuation wise. Vehicle unsold stock with interest valuation.
  • Registered unregister vehicle statements.
  • Vehicle wise daily transaction details, DSR. WRC in company format.
  • Vehicle booking bifurcation on booking, down payment , finance payment, credit card, etc
  • Online till date last vehicle service history on jobs.
  • Service follow-ups and feedbacks linked with bulk SMS system.
  • On Jobs, Vehicle Model wise multiple labours and labour rates applicability with Flat Rate Time (FRT)
  • Spare inventory linking with job card. Spares category wise discount structures.
  • Extended warranty registration, Service AMC Registration / AMC Renew,Free service coupon / warranty coupon / warranty labour claim data extract directly as per company desire formats with control no.
  • Coupon submission / rejection / resubmission as per company formats. And respective reports in excel.
  • Settlements of coupon claims settlement registers, effect to supplier account debit or credit notes.
  • Warranty claim cover notes, warranty tags printing of stickers.
  • Daily workshop jobs reports with service types, revenue summery.
  • Mechanic / supervisor wise jobs attend summery / incentives analysis.
  • Labour wise revenue analysis reports.
  • Service redemption report / not reported for service analysis
  • Service reminders / appointment register follow- ups and SMS linking.
  • Job wise in time / out time analysis.
  • Import / Export data of Branch / Location.
  • Day book , Bank book, Bank Reconciliation( Cheque submission / Clearing), Journal registers, Account ledgers , account Balances statements, Trial Balance , Final Accounts (Balance Sheet , P & L Account), Debtor’s / creditor’s summery , salesman wise outstanding, Ageing wise outstanding, outstanding receipts / payments ageing wise amount wise Sale / Purchase VAT Registers DAILY, MONTHLY and BILL WISE.
  • Automatically Voucher entry conversion of transactions in accounts module.
  • Daily Auto backup and restore.


  • Microsoft .NET frame work 3.5.
  • Microsoft Visual FoxPro

Database engine:

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2